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Bioethics Resources for Bioethics Researchers

Publishing in Bioethics

Bioethics is inter-disciplinary, including lawyers, philosophers, physicians, scientific researchers, and other health professionals. Original research in bioethics is therefore published in the journals of these disciplines, as well as in specialized bioethics journals. Depending on your audience, you may want to aim your research in different places. In general, the largest readership is to be found through the top-ranked general medical journals. However, this does not mean that the best bioethics scholarship is to be found in such journals - their severe space restrictions often reduce the depth of argument that is possible.

Bioethics Journals

This a list of bioethics journals grouped by region. Bioethics research is also published in scientific and medical journals, law journals and philosophy journals. All the journals listed are peer-reviewed, unless otherwise indicated. If you are pursuing an academic career be wary about publishing in journals that do not send out submissions for peer review.


  • Bioethics (Language: English, Subscription required, HINARI access)
  • Developing World Bioethics (Language: English, Subscription required, HINARI access) - Through subscription to Bioethics
  • Neuroethics (Language: English, Open access) - Free in 2008 and 2009
  • Nursing Ethics (Language: English, Subscription required, HINARI access)





Latin America

North America (USA and Canada)

Granting Agencies

  • The Wellcome Trust provides grants for biomedical ethics. Their developing countries grant schemes provide support for large and small research projects and for individual doctoral training in biomedical ethics. The Wellcome Trust also provides fellowships for students and researchers at UK and Republic of Ireland institutions.
  • The European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership provides "capacity development grants in ethics to support the establishment, strengthening and operations of national ethics committees and institutional review boards" to countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Grant schemes are advertised on their website.

Updated January 2017