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Coca-Cola funds Russian scientists to study at NIH

September / October 2012 | Volume 11, Issue 5

Close up of lapel pen with U.S. and Russian flagsThe Coca-Cola Company has announced it will sponsor Russian scientists to come to the NIH for postdoctoral training, as part of the Biomedical Sciences Fellowship Program managed by Fogarty and the Foundation for the NIH.

The program was established by the 2009 U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission to enhance relationships between the two countries. Funded by the State Department and private sources, the program supports postdoctoral students during quality mentored education, either in Russia or in an NIH laboratory. Fellows and their U.S. colleagues are encouraged to nurture long-term scientific collaborations.

"We are delighted to welcome Russian scientists to the NIH campus for this wonderful opportunity to stimulate enduring research partnerships between our countries," said Dr. Roger I. Glass, Fogarty director. "Since our populations share many of the same chronic health problems - heart disease, stroke, cancer and alcohol-related issues - by working together we hope to speed discoveries that will benefit everyone."

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